In this natural environment of unspoilt beauty on a 14 km trail, guests will pass through open savannah, bushveld, riverbeds, mud, water, hill climbs and scenic mountainous areas. Beside the normal variety of grasses, trees and shrubs, a very thick stand of Wild Olive trees (Olienhout) are found in the protected mountainous areas.

Time Required

The entire trail can be completed in a day. Overnight facilities are available if you want to do the trail over a two day period.

Trail Rating

The trail rating is bound to cause some controversy. The difficulty of a trail is very much an individual experience. However, this rating is an attempt to give some indication of the degree of difficulty and the type of terrain.

The trail consists of roads with seasonal two track travel. Track or rough rocky surface with 4x4 low range gear ratio are required. Steep drops on one or both sides of the track. The ratings are subject to certain unknown factors such as human error, previous off-road driving experience, condition of the vehicle and adverse weather conditions (wind and rain) and the trail, at a given time. Drivers should regard this rating as a general guideline only.


Day visitors:

·   Camera.

·   A wheel pump. 

·   A good supply of drinking water. Water on the farm is spring water and is safe to drink. A tuck shop supplying sweets, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and other basic supplies are available.

·   A plastic bag for rubbish. What you take in, you take out.

·   First aid kit.

·   A good sun-block and a hat. The African sun and dry climate can play havoc with one's skin.

·   Lip balm.

Overnight visitors:

·   Mosquito repellent for the summer season.

·   Tents, folding chairs, rucksacks, stretcher and sleeping bags.

Disclaimer clause

Visitors enter the trail at their own risk. Although care has been taken to describe the trails ratings and hazard factors as correctly as possible, it must still be regarded as a guideline only, since driving experience, the condition of the trails at a given time as well as conditions of the vehicle may greatly influence the above mentioned hazard factors.

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