Berakah Climate, Birds and Game


Berakah Climate, Birds and Game - Accommodation with a 4x4, mountain bike, quad bike and hiking trail set in the Vredefort dome just 14 km outside Parys.


The average annual rainfall at Berakah Eco Trails is approximately 625mm, of which 80% falls in summer. Warm to hot summer days an average of 30ºC is alternated by night temperatures of 15ºC and warmer. Mid winter days are approximately 18ºC, while the nights are cold and can reach freezing point. The granite koppies retain much of the day heat during winter nights, with the result that frost-sensitive plant species grow on the slopes and summits. Winds are seldom and mild.

Birds and Game

A completed local record has not yet been compiled, but in the nearby Parys area it is known that 350 species of birds have been recorded. At Koppieskraal, within he area, even grey louries (Kwêvo?l) and Emerald spotted wood dove have been seen.

At least fifty seven species of small and larger mammals are present in the area, amongst others baboon, jackal, aardwolf, brown hyena, wild- and servalcants, duikers, steenbok, kudu and even leopards.

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