We also have a newly built Restaurant on the premises, which caters for any amount of guests. Please be advised that the restaurant works only from bookings, so please contact us to book meals at least two days prior to your arrival.


Our Klipkraal Menu:

Please have a look at the different options we provide at the Klipkraal. We take pride in all our guests' meals, and ensure you that you won't be disappointed. Choose from served, plated meals, salads and the best homemade bread to enjoy with your braai.

Breakfast Options: (Prices include a serving of tea/coffee/juice)

City-mouse breakfast

Spinach and Feta Quiche with whole-wheat Muffins, Sausages, Cheese and Jams

R 65.00 p.p.

Berakah's breakfast

Eggs, Bacon, Homemade Bread, Caramelized Onions, Fried Tomato

R 60.00 p.p.

The Rhino Challenge breakfast

Eggs, bacon, boerewors/chicken livers, "pap & sous" and Sweet-corn/Chakalaka Bread

R 75.00 p.p.


Berakah's Buffet breakfast (10 guests or more)

Fruit & yogurt (seasonal)

Flapjacks with syrup and thick cream

Homemade Boerebrood with chicken-liver paté, jams, butter and cheese

Eggs, bacon, fried tomato and a cheese griller.

R 98.00 p.p.

Breakfast is served between 8am and 10am.

Lunch Options: (includes juice)

Lasagna / Chicken Pie / Steak & Kidney Pie / Shepherd's Pie / Bobotie

Served with a Greek salad

R 69.00 p.p.


Served with Chips and a Greek salad

R 65.00 p.p.

Boerewors rolls

Served with a Greek salad

R 45.00 p.p.

We also have a variety of soup dishes available. Please contact us for more info.

The lunch options can also be chosen for a dinner option and vice versa.


Dinner Options:  (includes juice)

(Self-braai options can be enjoyed at our restaurant, at your chalet, at one of the two braai areas on our 4x4 route or at the campsite. Please arrange the location when you book your meal)

Self-braai option (Braai packs included)

(Steak, chicken skewer, boerewors) with "Paptert", Homemade Boerebrood, Homemade beetroot salad and a Greek salad

R 140.00 p.p.

Self-braai option (Without braai packs)

Choose three of the following: "Paptert"/Potato Salad/Pasta Salad/ Homemade Boerebrood/Homemade Beetroot salad/Broccoli Salad (seasonal)/Greek Salad.

R 70.00 p.p.


Served with sweet potatoes and homemade bread with cheese and jams

R 85.00 p.p.

Buffet dinner (for 10 guests or more)

Variety of dishes available. Please contact us for more information.

n. a.

Other pricelist:

Homemade Boerebrood (Large)

R 50 each

Salad (serves 8 people)

Potato Salad/Pasta Salad/Homemade Beetroot salad/Broccoli Salad (seasonal)/Greek Salad.

R 85.00 per salad

Snack table

Variety of platters available. Please contact us for more info.


A choice of malva-pudding or ice-cream and chocolate sauce can be added to abovementioned meals at an additional fee of R 15.00 p.p. There is also a cash-bar available.



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